Obtained the distribution business of NORITSU QSS-39 silver halide printer series.2020-03-01

Sino Promise Holdings LTD. obtained the distribution business NORITSU QSS-39 silver halide printer series.

The QSS-39 Series is offered in two models to meet the various needs of print businesses.

Both the QSS-3901G and QSS-3904G offer the best print quality using AccuSmart technology, highly efficient workflow using EZ Controller software, and an unparalleled feature set.

Increased quality and productivity bring improved profits.

With its user-friendliness, high level of automation, and ability to be integrated into a network that meets your individual needs: QSS-39 Series helps to enhance your efficiency and perform an array of tasks.

This system will bring a higher level of speed and productivity to your business.